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Leidy's "Nature's Tradition" Pork Tenderloin

Leidy's "Nature's Tradition" Antibiotic Free Pork Tenderloins are made from fresh pork raised with no antibiotics or growth promotants and fed a diet of vegetarian grains with no animal by-products. These flavorful cuts of pork contain no nitrates or nitrites and no artificial ingredients. Our delicious "Nature's Tradition" fresh pork is certified by the American Humane Association for raising animals in stress free environments.naturestradition tenderloinpackage

Leidy's "Nature's Tradition" Pork Tenderloin - Item # 22045


  • Made from Leidy's "Nature's Tradition" Antibiotic Free Pork--raised on an all vegetarian grain diet with no animal by-products
  • Uncured, contains to nitrates or nitrites
  • Product is American Humane Certified
  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Solutions or artificial ingredients
  • No MSG


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