Alderfer Meats

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Capabilities & Solutions

chef kitchenALL Holding Company, Inc. is a full-service manufacturer of premium pork, beef and turkey products with the capacity, structure and versatility to fulfill all of your needs. Our unique foodservice capabilities and services include:

  • Military and Export Sales
  • Co-Packing & Private Label
  • Fresh, Shelf Stable and Fully Cooked Items
  • Pre-Sliced and Bulk
  • Antibiotic Free & Organic Products
  • Flexible Batch Sizes for Product Testing
  • Post Pasteurization Capabilities
  • Customized Specialty Products


  • ALL Holding Company, Inc. is a member of the following associations:
  • Private Label Manufacturers Association
  • Pennsylvania Certified Organic
  • PA Preferred Program
  • American Humane Certified